LRSTAR: LR(*) parser generator for C++


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I wish to acknowledge Almighty God our Creator. Any talents that I have manifested in the creation of this product, have come from Him. Honestly, there are a lot of talents that I did not have and I had to get help from smarter people. So ...

Thanks to Alfred Aho, Frank DeRemer, Thomas Pennello, Donald Knuth, David Pager, Peter Dencker, Karl Durre, Johannes Heuft and William Waite for books and/or papers that helped me figure out how to do some important things.

Thanks to Joel Denny, Xin Chen, Ira Baxter, Jim Roskind, Stephen Johnson, Bill McKeeman, Karl Schimpf and Manuel Bermudez for personal communications which provided very useful information.

Thanks to Terence Parr who kept the parser generator concept alive and moving forward into the future.

Thanks to Stephen Johnson and Alfred Aho for the most well known parser generator, Yacc, which is still alive and working today.

I hope I have not omitted anybody. If so, let me know.

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